Sailing in Tivat Bay

Home to a super modern marina Portomontenegro, Tivat bay is divided by three little islands which give it a special charm

Sailing in Montenegro

Surrounded by Vrmac hill (710 m) and Luštica peninsula Tivat Bay is the largest of four bays forming the Bay of Boka.

The nicest spots for swimming and mooring are around island Stradioti (St Marco), in Krtole cove or Polje cove.

In Krtole cove there are several shore restaurants which provide moorings for the yachts, such as Konoba Maestral or Vino Santo.

Abandoned island Stradioti

What we see today on the Island Stradioti are the remains of once exclusive facility under the lease of the French club “Mediteranee”.

In 1962, a tourist lodgment with 500 Tahiti houses with no electricity and water were built there and many tourists enjoyed on the island until the war in former Yugoslavia in 1991.

Today the island is still abandoned, and the tourist facilities are overgrown with weed and grass.

But it's a very nice, peaceful spot for sailors who love to spend the night on anchor.

The other two little islands in Tivat bay are Island of flowers with its monastery dedicated to Archangel Michael and Lady of Mercy with its beautiful church from the 15th century.

Solila nature reserve

At the very end of Krtole cove there is a special nature reserve called Solila.

The close vicinity of the sea and the well-preserved geological features of this lagoon make it especially attractive for birds. The number of bird species present in this lagoon comprise more than 20% of the European total.


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