Located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor and famous for its super modern marina, this town is becoming one of the main nautical centres in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing in Montenegro

If you stay at marina Portomontenegro and if you do not mind walking you can visit old village called Gornja Lastva located about 3 km from Tivat on Vrmac hill.

The village has about twenty stone houses and a church dedicated to the Birth of the Holy mother of God, built in baroque style.

Traditional “Festivities of Lastva” are organised in August. It is a cultural/artistic manifestation, which has for a goal the cherishing of culture, tradition and cuisine of Kotor Bay.

A consulate of a former state

The Consulate of the Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, which is more of a museum memory of the past period (1945. – 1989.), today is situated not far away from the promenade Pine in Tivat.

Lately, especially from May to October, the Consulate of SFRJ in Tivat, is interesting for tourists also. In the consulate you can see flags, uniforms of the former president of SFRJ, Josip Broz Tito, and in front of the Consulate there is one of the more prestigious vehicles in which Tito was driven.

Abandoned island

The Island Stradioti was an exclusive facility under the lease of the French club “Mediteranee”.

In 1962, a tourist lodgement with 500 Tahiti houses with no electricity and water were built.

There used to be a hundred visitors a day on the Island until the war in the SFRJ in 1991.

Today it is still abandoned, and the tourist facilities, which were built on it, are overgrown with weed and grass. But it's a good spot for sailors who love to spend the night on anchor.

According to a legend there used to be a camp of the Venetian soldiers of Greek origins on this island and from there stems that name (Stradiotes – soldier).