Pećin & Maljevik cove

The landmark of the Qeen’s beach in Pećin cove is its fine reddish sand and a high cliff on the western side. The water is clear but this place can get busy during the high season. Before you drop your anchor in Maljevik cove you should carefully observe the underwater rocks so the anchor does not get stuck.

Pećin 42 09 48.00 N 18 59 17.62 E

Meljevik 42 08 23.08 N 19 01 20.04 E


Old town Bar

Old town Bar (Stari Bar) is a thousand years old, dating back to Illyrian times. Unlike other old coastal towns it is located four kilometres away from the shore at the foot of mountain Rumija.

There are some historical remains such as the aqueduct (17th century), several churches from different periods of time, gunpowder house and a hammam (Turkish bath).

Old town was heavily damaged by an earthquake in 1979 and is still not fully restored. There are several charming cafes and nice restaurants (Kaldrma, Konoba Kula, Konoba Spilja). Have a cup of Turkish coffee (kafa) and if you are having a dinner we recommend čevapčići (kebab).