Budva Riviera

Jaz Cove

42 16 43.41 N 18 48 24.21 E

If you do not wish to spend the night at Dukley marina in Budva you can stay in Jaz cove and enjoy swimming in clear waters and a night under the stars.

Another nice anchorage is Trsteno, just next to Jaz cove.


Sveti Stefan - the unique town hotel

42° 15' 12.00" N 18° 53' 16.79" E

The hotel-town was opened in 1960 and it has since been a holiday destination for celebrities from all over the world.

Nowadays it is owned by luxury Aman resort and accessible only to their guests. The entrance to the beach is very pricey but you can moor your yacht in close vicinity and enjoy the view.

Best place for mooring is on the east side.


Sveti Nikola Island

42 16 11.85 N 18 51 06.33 E

This small island is covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation and it is a place of haven for many birds and small animals.

The best place for mooring is on the east side of the island overlooking to Bečići. There is a beach bar and restaurant called Pod murvom and they are opened during high season.


Budva Old Town

Budva was first inhabited 2,500 years ago. Because of its harmony, tightly packed houses, church towers, public buildings and narrow streets, the old part of Budva is very attractive.

Much of the architecture in the Old Town is of Venetian design. There are three main churches in the old town. The first is St. John’s which was built in the 7th century, second St. Mary’s of Punta dating from 840 and the third, The Holy Trinity church, which was built in 1804. The Venetian walls of the Old Town are a famous tourist attraction. During summer this town turns into City theatre with many local and foreign performances.

WARNING: When entering Dukley marina in Budva, do not sail between island Sveti Nikola and Bečići, sail between the lighthouses at course 013.