Herceg Novi Bay

Žanjic, Mirišta and Dobreč coves

Close to our charter base, marina Lazure you will find very nice ancorages in coves Žanjic and Miršta. Buoys for yachts are provided.

There is a nice restaurant, Ribarsko selo (Fishing village) between these two coves and they have a little pier for yachts.

You can also moor your yacht in a narrow Dobreč cove if the weather is calm without W i SW wind.

Žanjic 42 23 57.32 N 18 34 42.04 E

Mirišta 42 23 41.21 N 18 34 38.49 E

Dobreč 42 24 43.52N 18 33 29.16 E


A cozy fishing hamlet

Rose was mostly built in the 17th and 18th century.

It is a typical Mediterranean village with stone houses and a little pier. One of the building used to be a medieval fortress and today there is a restaurant called Forte Rose. You can moor your yacht at a little pier or use the buoys but only if there is no strong W or NW wind.

Rose 42 25 35.74 N 18 33 18.50 E


Island Lastavica (Mamula) - notorious Musolini’s prison

The name Mamula is given after Lazar Mamula, Austro-Hungarian general who built it in 19th century to provide defense from enemy ships. During the both of the World Wars it was a prison. If you wish to make a tour of the island sail there by your dinghy and bring solid footwear, not flip-flops.

The Government is planning to build a luxury tourist resort there. This attempt was strongly condemned by the local community.

Mamula 42 23 42.32 N 18 33 30.00 E


Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is one of the most attractive in a series of caves located on the Luštica peninsula. The cave has two openings. Smaller is to the south and larger which is 3 meters high and 15 meters wide is located on the southwest side. You can enter through the larger entrance by your dinghy and enjoy swimming it this natural phenomenon. The best time for visiting is in the early morning before the tourist boats arrive.

Blue Cave 42.370426°N 18.599444° E


Herceg Novi

42°27.008'N  18°31.972'E

Herceg Novi is located 3 km from our charter base, marina Lazure.

Novi means new, and Herceg refers to Herceg (Duke) Stjepan Vukčić who fortified the town in the 15th century. It is known as town of eternal greenery, sun and stairs.

Turkish Kanli Kula (bloody tower) is located in the upper part of the old town and offers nice view over the bay. During summer many musical and theatrical performances are being held there.

The town has an unusual micro climate and more than 200 sunny days a year.

We recommend visiting restaurant Konoba Feral which is located just opposite the town’s marina.