Charter Management

YachtingAdria offers a charter management program for anyone interested in buying their own yacht or already have a yacht and would like to put it into yacht charter in Montenegro.

What is charter management?

It is a contract relationship between the charter company and the yacht owner.

The yacht owner authorises the charter company to offer and sell on-board accommodation and organise all other aspects of yacht charter business.

What are the benefits for yacht owner?

This kind of relationship allows the yacht owner to cover the heavy expenses such as annual marina’s berth, yacht’s insurance and maintenance costs and to have his yacht taken care of by professionals. Apart from that the yacht owner gets an extra income.

Does yacht owner needs to have a company registered in Montenegro?

No, the yacht owner does not need to found a company in Montenegro. The yacht can be owned by natural person or a company.

What are yacht charter company’s responsibilities?
  • Search for charter clients
  • Exposure of the yacht on yacht charter market
  • All administrative tasks
  • Check in/out procedure
  • Cleaning services during yacht charter season
  • Winter preparation of the yacht
  • YachtingAdria can also assist with yacht’s registration and insurance.
What are yacht owner’s responsibilities?

Yacht owner is paying for yacht’s operational costs.

When can the yacht owner use his yacht?

The owner can choose “owner’s weeks” at the beginning of yacht charter season. However, it is not advisable to use more than two weeks in high season. The owner can also use the yacht for an unlimited number of weeks on a ‘last-minute’ basis.

Charter management fee

The owner receives income generated from charter of the yacht less the contracted charter management fee. The amount of the charter management primarily depends on the size and model of the yacht.