One week sailing in Montenegro

Feel free to use our 7 days itinerary as an inspiration for your amazing sailing week in Montenegro!



Your sailing vacation has finally started!

You’ll know this to be true as soon as you enter the Lazure marina and hotel complex.

We will welcome you on your sailing yacht and go through a detailed check in procedure, answering all your questions about the yacht’s equipment, sailing routes and places of interest along the coast of Montenegro.

The first day of your vacation is all about relaxing. You can have afternoon drinks at Lazure’s restaurant or wine bar, enjoy some swimming at the beach or treat yourself with some soothing moments at the spa.

A nice little family konoba called Leut is located a very short walk from the marina and can be a good choice for your first night dinner.

You can also take a taxi to Herceg Novi’s charming old town. The ride takes just several minutes as it is only 3 km from the marina.

We recommend konoba Feral in Herceg Novi and we can make reservations for you.



From Herceg Novi Bay you can sail towards Luštica peninsula and Trašte bay.

You will find anchorages in coves Žanjic 42° 23.93' N, 18° 34.70' E and Mirišta 42° 23.72' N, 18° 34.57 E.

Both anchorages have some buoys for yachts but we recommend Mirišta because it is better protected from the waves.

Restaurant Mirišta has its own big, strong buoy and you can spend the night here if you dine at the restaurant. Restaurant staff will help you mooring the yacht and make a transfer to the restaurant. Contact phone number is +382 69 515 485.

A very nice place for swimming with clear water is at the little cove Dobra Luka 42° 22.15' N, 18° 37.98' E, and there is absolutely no development there. The seabed is mix of sand, weed but also rocks but it’s not hard to spot them because the water is very clear.

Another nice anchorage is at position 42° 22.58' N, 18° 39.20' E, the name is Velja Spilja Beach or Kamenolom (stone-pit).


If you prefer to spend the night at the marina in Trašte bay you can sail to Luštica Bay. You will have everything you need - a very clean shower, restaurants, bars, shops. It’s a marina village similar to Portomontenegro only smaller.

Marina Luštica Bay, VHF 68

You can also sail to Bigova 42° 21.23' N, 18° 42.27' E, a little village at the end of the bay. The owners of the restaurant Grispolis provide buoys for their guests. They will send a tender to pick you up and drop you back to your yacht after you have a lunch or dinner.

If you sail during high season we recommend making a reservation in advance.

Please be noted that credit cards are not accepted at this restaurant.



Budva Riviera has several anchorages.

First one that you will find sailing from Bigova is called Trsteno 42° 16.75' N, 18° 47.30' E. The seabed is sandy and good holding.

The other, bigger one is Jaz 42° 16.77' N, 18° 48.10' E. You can spend the night here if the weather is calm.

If you wish to moor your yacht near the little island Sveti Nikola, 42° 16.13' N, 18° 51.07' E, across from Budva, you should do it on the east side of the island overlooking to Bečići.

Sailing around Budva Riviera would not be complete without seeing famous Sveti Stefan island. It is possible to moor your yacht near the island but the weather must be very calm so you can enjoy it, otherwise it can be bumpy as it is exposed to the swell.

You can spend the night at Dukley marina in Budva.

WARNING: When entering Dukley marina in Budva, do not sail between island the Sveti Nikola and Bečići because of shallow Tunjaj. Sail between the lighthouses at course 013.

Dukley Marina, VHF 8



From Budva do not sail south but rather towards Tivat bay.

The best anchorage in Tivat Bay is around the island Stradioti 42° 24.57' N, 18° 41.52' E. The seabed is mud and the anchor holds very good.

There is a nice restaurant across the island called Vino Santo, which has a little pier for yachts. You can spend the night on anchor or sail to marina Portomontenegro which is known as one of the best marinas in the whole Mediterranean.

Portomontenegro, VHF 71



Sailing from Tivat Bay towards Risan or Kotor bay you will pass a narrow strait called Verige (meaning chains). Large chains were used to protect town Kotor from enemy ships in 14th century and the name stayed until today.

You should be careful as ferries coming from Kamenari and Lepetane are frequent.

At the end of the strait you will be rewarded with a spectacular view over two little islands in front of town Perast - Our Lady of the Rock and St. George.

In Risan Bay you can moor your yacht in Morinj 42° 29.43' N, 18° 39.27' E.

There are some buoys which belong to a restaurant, Ćatovića mlini, which is known as one of the best restaurants on the coast nested in very scenic surroundings.

The restaurant staff can arrange a dingy transfer from your yacht.

Ćatovića Mlini, + 382 32 373 030

You can spend the night at the town’s marina in Kotor, VHF 69.



Kotor’s City Walls are the main reason why the town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. They are a unique example of fort architecture in Europe.

They were gradually built between the 9th and 19th centuries.

If you would like to visit Kotor’s walls you can use the stairs. However, it might be easier to use an old Austro-Hungarian road which lies just outside the city walls near the Northern Gate.

Kotor is full of historical buildings, and the Maritime museum will be of interest to curious sailors fond of history. It is located in a baroque palace built in the early 18th century.


Kotor is also a good starting point for organizing an excursion to National park Lovćen mountain.

It takes a full day so you should plan it in advance and come to Kotor marina one day earlier.

You can drive the scenic old road full of curves with spectacular views over Kotor Bay and Vrmac hill, visit the mausoleum of 19th century ruler Petar II Petrović Njegoš, the old royal capital Cetinje and try some of the best specialties such as Njeguski prosciutto, as well as veal or lamb roasted under hot ashes in a special pot called sač.



On your way back to marina Lazure you should make a stop at marina Portonovi in Kumbor to fill your fuel tanks.
Fuel station +382 67 046 564

The gas station is very convenient and marina staff will have the ropes ready for you. Apart from that you can enjoy sailing the whole day until you come back to marina Lazure in the late afternoon.

If you are a wine lover, we can arrange a visit to a winery close to marina Lazure, next to Savina monastery.

In the evening you can just relax on your yacht or walk by the sea towards Herceg Novi.

We hope you will enjoy your sailing trip and to see you again soon!