"At the moment of birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of land and sea was on the Montenegrin coast." - Lord Byron



Montenegro shares land borders with 4 countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.

If you are coming to our charter base marina Lazure by plane you can use one of three international airports.

International airports:
Tivat 21 km, Dubrovnik 30 km, Podgorica 106 km

Direct lines with:
Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, London, Manchester, Budapest, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome, Milano, Barcelona, Athens, Oslo, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen.

Transfer by minivan for up to 8 persons, one way

  • Dubrovnik airport – Lazure marina 75 €
  • Tivat airport – Lazure marina – 80 € (ferry tickets included)
  • Podgorica airport – Lazure marina – 130 €


Average July temperatures: 28°C-30°C
Swimming season: June until mid-September.
Sea temperature range during summer: 25-28°C.

Bura is a dry, usually strong and cold squally wind blowing from NNE to ENE along the coast, more frequently during winter. During summer it usually lasts one day.

Levant is a type of Bura, blowing from east. It is a transitional wind when Jugo becomes Bura or vice versa.

Jugo is a warm, moist wind and it mostly blows from SE to S. It can create very high waves and usually brings rain.

Mistral is a pleasant wind of even and soft to moderate strength. It is followed by nice and steady weather. It starts blowing around noon and reaches its peak around 4-5 pm. It starts as a southwest wind and it turns to northwest.

Neverin is a type of sudden storm. It can happen in all seasons, but it is more frequent in the summer. Nevera’s features are strong wind gusts, heavy rain, lightning and thunder as well as a temperature drop. Black clouds from the West predict Nevera.



Montenegro has five national parks and two of them are close to the coast.

Skadar Lake is close to marina Bar, (40 minutes by car). It is the biggest lake in the Balkans, home to many bird species and a place of incredible beauty.

National park Lovćen is a mountain with its highest peak of 1657 m and a home of the mausoleum of 19th century ruler Petar II Petrović Njegoš, one of the greatest poets, philosophers and statesmen of Montenegro.



Montenegro has a long and eventful history. It was always a meeting point of east and the west. It had republic status within Yugoslavia, after that it was in federation with Serbia and it is independent from 2006 which makes it the youngest European state.

Here are some interesting facts which illustrates its long history and culture:

  • Only a year after America was discovered (1493), "Octoich" was printed in Cetinje, the first book ever printed on the Balkans.
  • The cathedral of St Triphun in Kotor, built in 1166 is one of the oldest churches in Europe. It is 69 years older than Nottre Dame Cathedral.
  • One of the first acknowledged nautical schools in the world, was opened in Perast by Marko Martinović, a famous sailor from Boka Bay.
  • Ivo Vizin, a navy captain from Prčanj, is the first man from the south Slavic countries who sailed around the world between 1852 and 1859.


There are all sorts of restaurants all along the coast, from traditional family-run konobas to exclusive restaurants. We recommend:


  • Konoba Grispolis, Bigova
  • Ćatovića Mlini, Morinj
  • Konoba Feral, Herceg Novi
  • Jadran kod Krsta, Budva
  • Konoba Bedem and Konoba Kula, Old town Bar
  • Galion, Kotor
  • Ribarsko selo, Žanjic

Bars & Beach Clubs:

  • Old Winery in Kotor’s old town
  • Beach Bar Lazure, marina Lazure
  • Almara beach club in Oblatno
  • Beach bar Pod Murvom, island Sveti Nikola, Budva
  • Casper, Budva
  • City Hall, Tivat


Currency is EURO, even though Montenegro is not in EU.

Travel documents
Passport or other internationally recognised documents. Tourists can stay in Montenegro up to three months based on a short stay visa or without visa. Citizens of the EU, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Israel do not need visa as well as the countries from the region.

Credit cards
Credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country.

Time zone
Montenegro is in the Central European time zone (GMT+ 1).

The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts. Electricity in Montenegro is 220 Volts

International calling code